A center for selling motorcycles, Honda, Yamaha, and Vespa, along with new car loan services in a variety of special campaigns, all in one place.

     U Hub, a club for motorcyclists operated by U Corporation Company Limited, is a sales center for Honda, Yamaha, Vespa and Honda Big Bike motorcycles. The founding team has more than 30 years of experience in the motorcycle dealership and motorcycle financing business. They have seen the importance of bringing modern technology. to apply in business operations that has been passed on for a long time By establishing a new type of motorcycle sales center under the name U-Hab, a club for motorcyclists.


     U-Hab, a club for motorcyclists, has developed the first 100% online platform for selling cars in Thailand. and add new sales channels using related technology Collaborate with business partners Various leading organizations such as Siam Commercial Bank Government Pension Fund, Rider Delivery, various camps, etc. There are also new types of motorcycle loan products being developed all the time to meet the needs of modern customers. that behavior has changed from before and to create efficiency in new forms of work Reduces various costs that are not necessary for operations. Increase income efficiency to create an advantage in the industry and for continued sustainability


     Leader in financial technology for the automotive and insurance industries.

     Special interest campaign Special conditions Ready to connect to multiple sales platforms There are already customer groups in every area. No need to stock products (Droupship) with a complete sales system. Only here.

Franchise Packages

: 850,000 bath (Exc.Vat)


Franchise Package

Package Franchise

฿ 850,000
  • Rights to use the UHUB trademark
  • The only right to use the UHUB special loan campaign.
  • The right to use the online case submission format can be sold in every area.
  • All forms of sales rights, Dropship (no need to stock)
  • The right to use car transport services for customers all over the country at cheap prices.
  • The right to rotate stock of cars together in our network.
  • Creating online contact channels: Facebook, Line OA


Fill out the information below. We will contact you within 24 hours for more details

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    ROI TOOL คำนวนการคืนทุนเบื้องต้น

    Total Investment งบลงทุนรวม (THB) Duration of the franchise agreement อายุสัญญา ( ใส่จำนวน ปี เช่น 3 )
    Rental/ ค่าเช่า (THB)
    Wage/ ค่าแรง (THB)
    Material cost/ ต้นทุนวัตถุดิบ % (ใส่ค่าเป็นจำนวนเปอเซนต์ เช่น 40)
    Others/ค่าใช้จ่ายอื่นๆ % ( ใส่ค่าเป็นจำนวนเปอเซนต์ เช่น 4 )
    Monthly Revenue ยอดขายต่อเดือน (THB)

    Payback Period ระยะเวลาคืนทุน:

    My ROI is (ผลตอบแทนจากการลงทุน)

    TOTAL INVESTMENT งบลงทุนรวม:
    Monthly Revenue ยอดขายต่อเดือน:
    Monthly Cost ต้นทุนรายเดือน:
    Duration of franchise agreement อายุสัญญา:
    Breakeven จุดคุ้มทุน:

    Line: @franzbiz
    Call: 094-494-2696 / 094-552-2253

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